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Joint Statement on Transport Security

1. In the principal communiqué here at the Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul, all participants reaffirm their commitment to the security of civil transport of nuclear and radioactive materials as follows:
We will continue efforts to enhance the security of nuclear and other radioactive materials while in domestic and international transport, and encourage States to share best practices and cooperate in acquiring the necessary technologies to this end. Recognizing the importance of a national layered defense against the loss or theft of nuclear and other radioactive materials, we encourage the establishment of effective national nuclear material inventory management and domestic tracking mechanisms, where required, that enable States to take appropriate measures to recover lost and stolen materials.
2. We the participating countries, namely France, the Republic of Korea, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Japan to this additional statement on transport security, express our further commitment to the followings:
1) The participating countries in this basket will hold working group meetings to address the transport security issues amongst the representatives of the governments and relevant international organisations with the participation of their officials and researchers;
(a) for effective implementation of INFRCIC/225/Rev.5
(b) for building close relationship among relevant agencies and Centres of Excellence(CoE) to strengthen transport security
(c) for development and research of equipment by related industries, relevant agencies and COE.
2) The first working group meeting will be held in Japan by 2013.
3) The participating countries in this basket may consider organizing training exercises, including table-top exercises for strengthened emergency preparedness.
4) Based upon exercises, a proposal will be submitted at the third Nuclear Security Summit, which should lead to the strengthened transport security.
5) This basket group should invite security-related officials from the IMO, ICAO and IAEA for these discussions.

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