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REPORT: Taking Action - Higher Education and Student Debt

Today, the President will participate in a live question and answer session with Tumblr to talk about the importance of making college more affordable for current students, graduates and their families and the new executive actions he announced on Monday to ease the burden of college debt for millions of Americans. The event comes as part of the President’s weeklong focus on steps he is taking to offer relief to Americans who are working hard to pay back their student loans borrowers and the need for Congress to do their part by passing Senate Democrats’ bill to help more young people save money by refinancing their federal student loans.

In advance of today’s event, the White House’s Council of Economic Advisers and Domestic Policy Council released a new report showing the impact of crushing student debt on young Americans and our economy, and new data showing how borrowers in each state would benefit from both the President’s executive actions and the Senate Democrats’ bill. Please find the report here.

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