The White House

Office of the Press Secretary

Statement by the President on Trade and Enforcement

I have made rigorous trade enforcement a central pillar of U.S. trade policy, and we have moved aggressively to protect American workers and to improve labor laws and working conditions with trading partners across the globe. 

The nature of global trade continues to evolve, and in addition to setting high standards through new trade agreements, the Administration supports new tools that would strengthen the Administration's ability to level the playing field for U.S. workers, businesses, and farmers. 

I am pleased that Chairman Hatch, Senator Wyden, and Chairman Ryan have agreed to swift consideration of the bipartisan Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act by the end of June. Many of these new tools – such as Super 301, elements of the ENFORCE Act and the Level the Playing Field Act, and constructive tools to address unfair currency practices – would strengthen our ability to both facilitate trade and improve enforcement of the rules. We must also repeal the consumptive demand exception for child and forced labor. 

I look forward to working with both chambers to improve certain provisions and to ensure swift, strong and effective enforcement. These critical enforcement tools are complementary to new trade agreements. This legislation should be considered and reach my desk as quickly as possible.

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