Commitment Form: Strengthening Partnerships Across K-12, Higher Education and Communities for College Access and Success

K-12 superintendents and two- and four-year higher education leaders are increasingly collaborating with business, philanthropy, faith-based or other local community partners to make a dramatic impact on college-going and success for low-income and under-represented students. At the College Opportunity Day of Action this December, we plan to highlight new commitments in this area.

Complete Part I to provide us with a brief overview of your community team’s goals and commitments. This information may be included in the materials we release in conjunction with this event. In Part II, please share more detail with us about specific indicators, data, and strategies you are using as you develop these plans.

We respectfully request that you submit this form no later than October 31, 2014. While we intend to invite as many organizations making commitments as possible, we have not finalized the details of the event and will share more information in the coming weeks.

Note: Your information may be shared with other federal agencies participating in this event.

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Description Of Goals And Commitments

Topline Goals:

  • College Completion
  • - If your community has set specific numerical goals for increased postsecondary completion, please summarize them in the worksheet (including your current baselines and targets).
  • Community Goals -Please indicate your community’s goals concerning the number and percent of students “on track for college success” as indicated by actions taken in each of the following four areas: (1) files a FAFSA, (2) applies to two or more colleges, (3) enrolls in college, (4) enters college ready for college level work (does not need remediation) – and number and percent fulfilling all four benchmarks. You may also include goals for other key indicators you are tracking.

    Please limit your response to no more than 500 words. This information may form the basis of a fact sheet, report, or similar material, released publicly as part of this initiative.

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    Please include leader name & role, representing (district/institution/ organization), and contact info (name, email, phone).

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