21st Century Government
to Cut Waste

President Obama and Vice President Biden launch the Campaign to Cut Waste, which will hunt down and eliminate misspent tax dollars in every agency and department across the Federal Government.

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President Obama has consistently made clear that he will strive to lead the most open, efficient, and accountable government in history. Over the last four years, new initiatives have increased public participation in government and improved citizens' everyday lives.



The new law community on Data.gov is a one-stop portal for agency legal materials, including agency rules, orders and other guidance. By assembling these resources in one place, individual citizens, small businesses, and anyone else interested in understanding federal legal materials can now more easily gain access to information for a variety of uses.


The community health data initiative is supplying to the public with a growing array of online, easily accessible, downloadable health data. Use the one-stop resources to get lots of health related data, check out what innovators are doing with the data, and connect with the health community through forums.


The President has said that “information maintained by the Federal Government is a national asset.”  Data.gov is a gateway to hundreds of thousands of agency data sets, sharing this national asset with everyone. Created as part of the President's commitment to democratizing information, Data.gov makes economic, healthcare, environmental, and other government information available on a single website, allowing the public to access raw data and use it in innovative ways.

In just one year, Data.gov has grown from 47 datasets to more than 300,000. It also has spawned scores of innovative applications. For instance, FlyOnTime.us takes data from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics and combines them with weather information and user-generated content about airline security lines — such as tweets from people waiting in those lines — to give travelers an accurate look at expected wait times and travel conditions.