21st Century Government
to Cut Waste

President Obama and Vice President Biden launch the Campaign to Cut Waste, which will hunt down and eliminate misspent tax dollars in every agency and department across the Federal Government.

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President Obama has consistently made clear that he will strive to lead the most open, efficient, and accountable government in history. Over the last four years, new initiatives have increased public participation in government and improved citizens' everyday lives.

Freeing Government Information


The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is an important tool for making government more transparent. The White House has made improving the administration of FOIA a priority. Reversing the prior presumption against disclosure, the White House has called on agencies to release information requested under FOIA wherever doing so is compatible with the law and good policy. In response, agencies have made substantial efforts to improve their FOIA practices and procedures—posting information proactively before it is requested, streamlining their FOIA processes, and reducing backlogs.

The Department of Justice’s new website, FOIA.gov, provides useful information about FOIA, how it works, how the public can make a request, and it provides contact information for the 97 federal agencies subject to FOIA.