Public Access to Scholarly Publications: Public Comment

On November 3, 2011, OSTP released a Request for Information (RFI) soliciting public input on long-term preservation of, and public access to, the results of federally funded research, including peer-reviewed scholarly publications as required in the America COMPETES Reauthorization Act of 2010. Below are the public comments received by OSTP during the comment period. You can read the RFI on public access to scholarly publications here. Comments on the questions in the RFI were accepted through January 12, 2012.

OSTP previously conducted a public consultation about policy options for expanding public access to federally funded peer-reviewed scholarly articles (the full set of comments is here).  This RFI takes that process another step, seeking further guidance on access to scientific publications.

OSTP has established an interagency policy group under the National Science and Technology Council—the Task Force on Public Access to Scholarly Publications—to identify the specific objectives and public interests that need to be addressed by any policies in this area. The group will take into account the varying missions, types of data, standards, and dissemination models associated with the range of Federal science agencies and scientific disciplines, and will help OSTP address other public access requirements in the COMPETES Act.

The comments are presented individually, in chronological order, in the table below. Click on a name below to see that person's comments.  Any additional materials provided by the commenter can be accessed by clicking on the index numbers in the Supplementary Information column. Comments can also be viewed bundled in larger PDF documents below.

Scholarly Publications Comments #1-100 Scholarly Publications Comments #101-200
Scholarly Publications Comments #201-300 Scholarly Publications Comments #301-378


 Index #  Name  Institution Supplementary Information
1 Jason W. Barnes    
2 Marsha Gear California Sea Grant  
3 Jonathan Graehl    
4 Matthew Gibson Virginia Foundation for the Humanities  
5 Mark Hanson Maranatha Baptist Bible College & Seminary  
6 Holly C. Shulman Department of History, University of Virginia  
7 Henry Throop Planetary Science Institute  
8 Whitham D. Reeve    
9 John S. Canham Systems Engineering Group, ATK Space  
10 Barbara Fister Gustavus Adolphus  
11 David E. Hill    
12 Barbara Turpin Rutgers University, GH Cook Campus  
13 Michael Mardikes    
14 Ben Creasy    
15 Joe Hahn Space Science Institute  
16 James Ryley    
17 Warren G. Lewis    
18 Paul D. Fernhout    
19 Melissa Pond Leech Lake Tribal College  
20 Rosanne Aversa Curry College  
21 Rush G. Miller Hillman University Library System  
22 Gary Stein University of Massachusetts Medical School  
23 Danny V. Colombara University of Washington  
24 Joyce Ogburn/Rick Anderson/Allyson Mower on behalf of J. Willard Marriott Library, University of Utah  
25 Deborah Jakubs/Kevin L. Smith/Paolo Mangiafico Duke University Libraries  
26 Dana L. Roth    
27 James L. Mullins Purdue University  
28 Katie Porretta National Safety Council  
29 Jay Gatrell College of Graduate and Professional Studies, Indiana State University  
30 Paul Krombholz    
31 Paul S. Brookes    
32 Wilbur H. Campbell The Nitrate Elimination Co., Inc.  
33 Graham Taylor on behalf of The Publishers Association  
34 Nancy Stellwagen University of Iowa  
35 A. Townsend Peterson University of Kansas  
36 Sharon M. Donovan, Ph.D., R.D. on behalf of American Society for Nutrition  
37 John Slocum Journal of World Business  
38 Henry Jay Forman UC Merced/USC/Society for Free Radical Biology & Medicine  
39 Roland Baron Bone  
40 J. Timothy Greenamyre University of Pittsburgh  
41 Joan Giesecke University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries  
42 Joshua L. Rosenbloom Office of Graduate Studies, University of Kansas  
43 Gloriana St. Clair on behalf of Carnegie Mellon University Libraries  
44 Shulamis Hes Pollack Library, Yeshiva University  
45 Jenella Loye Department of Entomology, Univ. California Davis  
46 Pat Weaver-Meyers The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation  
47 Gary Freiburger on behalf of Medical Library Association/Association of Academic Health Sciences Libraries  
48 Tom Dorst on behalf of Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois  
49 JQ Johnson/Dean Walton/Deborah A. Carver on behalf of University of Oregon Libraries  
50 Bjorn Hammarskjold    
51 [Anonymous]    
52 Diego Argaez on behalf of Canadian Association of Research Libraries  
53 Rodrigo Andrade Wayne State University School of Medicine  
54 Kara Malenfant on behalf of American Library Association and the Association of College and Research Libraries  
55 Rick Luce on behalf of University Libraries, Emory University  
56 Jeffrey S. Vitter on behalf of University of Kansas  
57 Beth Mallen Watson on behalf of Lasers in Surgery and Medicine  
58 Patricia Steele University of Maryland-College Park  
59 Thomas B. Wall/Scholarly Communication Committee Boston College University Libraries  
60 Ann P. Turnbull/H. Rutherford Turnbull, III, on behalf of Beach Center on Disability, University of Kansas  
61 Anali Maughan Perry/Sherrie Schmidt on behalf of Arizona State University Libraries  
62 Daryl Lund on behalf of Institute of Food Technologists  
63 Dennis Vance School of Translational Medicine, University of Alberta  
64 Phil Daly on behalf of  Wolters Kluwer Health Ltd (UK)  
65 Christine W. McEntee on behalf of American Geophysical Union  
66 Richard Cohen The Electricity Journal  
67 M. Michele Hogan, PhD on behalf of The American Association of Immunologists  
68 Susan H. Brawley on behalf of Phycological Society of America  
69 William F. Curtis, PhD on behalf of Springer Science + Business Media  
70 Pierre Bierre on behalf of Spatial Thoughtware, Inc.  
71 Mark Roithmayr on behalf of Autism Speaks  
72 H. Frederick Dylla on behalf of American Institute of Physics  
73 Michael W. Weiner, M.D. San Francisco VA Medical Center/UCSF  
74 Flora Grabowska Geophysical Institute, University of Fairbanks, Alaska  
75 Sir Richard J. Roberts Ph.D. F.R.S. New England Biolabs  
76 Moshe Kam, Ph.D., P.E., on behalf of IEEE  
77 Daniel Lee    
78 Shawn Martin on behalf of University of Pennsylvania Libraries  
79 Richard M. Epand McMaster University  
80 Thomas Jeffries Institute for Microbial and Biochemical Technology, University of Wisconsin-Madison  
81 Robert Ivarie Department of Genetics, University of Georgia  
82 Detlef Weigel Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology  
83 Aaron Presnall Jefferson Institute 83a
84 Beth Sullivan Institute for Genome Sciences and Policy, Duke University  
85 Carol Hodes    
86 Randy Schekman Molecular and Cell Biology, UC Berkeley  
87 Fokion N. Egolfopoulos Combustion and Flame/USC Viterbi School of Engineering  
88 John Burger on behalf of Association of Southeastern Research Libraries  
89 Constance J. Britton on behalf of United States Agricultural Information Network  
90 Gary D. Stormo, Ph.D. Department of Genetics, Washington University Medical School  
91 John Nickerson Opthamology Department, Emory University  
92 Jessica Oeth Schuttler, Ed. S. Center for Child Health and Development, KU Med Center  
93 Brinley Franklin University of Connecticut Libraries  
94 Alice Meadows on behalf of John Wiley & Sons  
95 David Hansen/Pamela Samuelson/Jason Schultz/Jennifer Urban Berkeley Digital Library Copyright Project  
96 Michael Kasper Amherst College Library  
97 Armand Keating, MD on behalf of American Society of Hematology  
98 Shirley K. Baker on behalf of University Libraries, Washington University in St. Louis  
99 Mary L. Ryan on behalf of University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Library  
100 Graduate and Professional Student Assembly George Mason University  
101 Laurel V. Munk, MLS on behalf of AABB  
102 Saleem Jahangeer, Ph.D.    
103 Elizabeth Bartman on behalf of Archaeological Institute of America  
104 Stevan Harnad Universite du Quebec/University of Southampton  
105 Aram Harrow University of Washington  
106 Paul N. Courant on behalf of University of Michigan Library  
107 Han Hong Stanford University  
108 Dr. Elizabeth Rollinson on behalf of The Linnean Society of London  
109 Lynne Regan/James Bowie/Brian Matthews on behalf of Protein Society  
110 Jed Brown Argonne National Laboratory  
111 Geoffrey Irving Otherlab  
112 Jenny Oleen on behalf of Kansas State University Libraries  
113 Rodger Williams on behalf of American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics  
114 Kenneth J. Lanfear Journal of the American Water Resources Association  
115 Mark Shroyer    
116 Dr. William M. Grundy    
117 Reid Lifset School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, Yale University  
118 Steven Harris Scott George Mason University  
119 Graduate Representative Organization Johns Hopkins University  
120 Dr. Mark Hoemmen Sandia National Labs  
121 David Karger MIT Computer Science and AI Laboratory  
122 Travis Humble    
123 Eli Paster    
124 Graduate Student Council MIT  
125 Cheng Hsiao    
126 Samuel Arbesman, PhD/E. J. Reedy on behalf of Kauffman Foundation  
127 James R. Kehrer, PhD University of Alberta  
128 Rudi Cilibrasi    
129 Alan M. Garber on behalf of Harvard University  
130 Alexandra Vance on behalf of GeoScienceWorld  
131 Niko Pfund on behalf of Oxford University Press  
132 Stewart Lyman, PhD Lyman Biopharma Consulting LLC  
133 Terese Thonus, PhD University of Kansas - Anschutz Library  
134 Rebecca D. Rinehart American Psychiatric Publishing   
135 David Pilachowski on behalf of Williams College  
136 Ian Bannerman on behalf of Taylor & Francis  
137 Roderick B. Salisbury    
138 Lori A. Goetsch Kansas State University Libraries  
139 Beth Nowviskie, PhD on behalf of Association for Computers and the Humanities  
140 Chris Bacon    
141 Scholarly Communication Working Group Oregon State University Libraries  
142 Scholarly Communications Group Johns Hopkins University  
143 Timothy Vollmer/Catherine Casserly on behalf of Creative Commons  
144 Aline Soules California State University, East Bay  
145 Sue Parchick    
146 P. L. Lambert    
147 Peter Suber Harvard Open Access Project  
148 Joshua Wiley UCLA Statistical Consulting Group  
149 Nancy Keller    
150 Lee C. Van Orsdel on behalf of Grand Valley State University Libraries  
151 Florida Biotech News Florida Biotech News  
152 Esteban Domingo Virus Research  
153 Michael P. Taylor Department of Earth Sciences, University of Bristol  
154 Daniel Asarnow Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, San Francisco State University 154a, 154b
155 Catherine Fowler    
156 Prudence S. Adler on behalf of Association of Research Libraries  
157 David Maas    
158 Michael J. Everhart Kansas Academy of Science/Fort Hays State University  
159 Dr. Francois Toutain France Telecom Research & Development  
160 Mathew Wedel Western University of Health Sciences  
161 Killian Hekhuis    
162 Alton C. Dooley, Jr. Virginia Museum of Natural History  
163 Dr. Anne Peattie    
164 Joseph C. Spagna William Patterson University of New Jersey  
165 Kevin Ahern San Francisco State University  
166 Sandy Dengler    
167 Levana Taylor    
168 YoungSuk Chi on behalf of  Elsevier  
169 Johannah White    
170 Susan B. Kay    
171 Dr. Christine Huffard    
172 Dr. David W. E. Hone School of Biology and Environmental Sciences, UCD, Dublin  
173 Susan Newman on behalf of Seismological Society of America  
174 Ginny Steel on behalf of University of California Council of University Librarians  
175 Dr. Dianne Greenfield University of Southern California  
176 Douglas Knox Humanities Digital Workshop, Washington University in St. Louis 176a 
177 Melissa Lou Castellano    
178 Dr. Joel K. Abraham Department of Biological Science, California State University, Fullerton  
179 Emily Tunnat    
180 Emily M. Dangremond Department of Integrative Biology, University of California, Berkeley  
181 Zach Hanna    
182 Mr. Donivan Porterfield    
183 David Ackerly Department of Integrative Biology, University of California, Berkeley  
184 Martin Baeker Institut fur Werstoffe, Technische Universitat Braunschweig  
185 Janice Flahiff    
186 Andrew Abrahamson The University of Liverpool  
187 Dr. John R. Hutchinson The Royal Veterinary College, University of London  
188 Michael Laurin Comptes Rendus Palevol/Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle  
189 Mark Venable Biology Department, Appalachian State University  
190 Zen Faulkes Department of Biology, The University of Texas-Pan American  
191 Timothy Lloyd on behalf of American Folklore Society  
192 Dr. Darren Naish National Oceanography Centre, University of Southampton  
193 Dr. Christopher Schommer-Pries Department of Mathematics, MIT  
194 Ray Spier The Spier Partnership  
195 Joseph Greene University College Dublin  
196 Michael Richmond Physics Department, Rochester Institute of Technology  
197 Sally T. Hillsman, PhD, on behalf of American Sociological Association  
198 James S. Dukelow, Jr.    
199 Amy E. Badertscher/Richard Fyffe/Jonathan Miller on behalf of Oberlin Group of Libraries  
200 Erik Haugen    
201 Mark Sableman on behalf of American Business Media  
202 Norman Anderson on behalf of American Psychological Association  
203 Marianne I. Gaunt/Jeanne E. Boyle/ Janice T. Pilch on behalf of Rutgers University Libraries  
204 Eberhard Voit Georgia Tech  
205 John Wilbanks    
206 Stephen G. Weller on behalf of Botanical Society of America  
207 Jen Waller on behalf of Miami University Libraries  
208 Scott McClure, Ph.D.    
209 Chuck McGuire    
210 Dr. Heinrich Mallison Museum fur Naturkunde  
211 Dr. Vivian Allen Institute for Special Zoology, Friedrich Schiller University Jena  
212 David Dreisigmeyer Department of Engineering, Northern New Mexico College  
213 Renato Santos Universidade do Algarve  
214 Bill Mueller    
215 Mary Rudig    
216 Claude R. Canizares/Ann J. Wolpert on behalf of Massachusetts Institute of Technology  
217 Susan Orlando    
218 Jason Kramer on behalf of New York State Higher Education Initiative  
219 Heather Etchevers, Ph.D. Faculte de Medecine - La Timone  
220 Rebecca Kennison on behalf of Columbia University  
221 Dr. Ewan McNay Behavioral Neuroscience, University at Albany  
222 Monica Berger Ursula C. Schwerin Library, New York City College of Technology, CUNY  
223 Joey P. Granger, Ph.D/Martin Frank, Ph.D. on behalf of American Physiological Society  
224 Joshua Wythe Gladstone Institute of Cardiovascular Disease, UCSF  
225 Melissa Trevvett on behalf of Boston Library Consortium  
226 Maximilian Haeussler, PhD CBSE, UC Santa Cruz  
227 Dr. P. Martin Sander Steinmann Institute, University of Bonn  
228 Meghan Duffy, Ph.D. School of Biology, Georgia Institute of Technology  
229 Timothy Bogart    
230 Vishy Iyer Molecular Genetics and Microbiology, University of Texas at Austin  
231 Sarah C. Michalak on behalf of University Library, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill  
232 Marcelo Magnasco Mathematical Physics Lab, The Rockefeller University  
233 Dean Reinke    
234 Richard M.Gronostajski Department of Biochemistry, SUNY Buffalo  
235 Allan Robert Adler on behalf of Association of American Publishers  
236 Paola Sebastiani Department of Biostatistics, Boston University  
237 Mike Rossner, Ph.D., on behalf of The Rockefeller University Press  
238 Donna Okubo on behalf of Public Library of Science (PLoS) 238a, 238b
239 Cameron Gundry Idaho Technology  
240 Debra Elmegreen/Kevin B. Marvel/Chris Biemesderfer/Richard F. Green on behalf of American Astronomical Society  
241 Luke T. Russell on behalf of University of Missouri Graduate and Professional Council  
242 Cameron Gundry Idaho Technology, Inc.  
243 Steve Koenig on behalf of Poultry Science Association  
244 Lee Hall SWCA Environmental Consultants  
245 Marc Lipsitch Harvard School of Public Health  
246 Jaime A. Headden    
247 Julia Mortyakova Alcorn State University  
248 Alisha Upwall    
249 Arthur Sale University of Tasmania  
250 Maura Smale New York City College of Technology, CUNY  
251 Gary Ward, Ph.D. Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, University of Vermont  
252 Dr. Karen Cole/Ken Davis on behalf of Archie Dykes Library of the Health Sciences, University of Kansas Medical Center  
253 Ahmed Bouabdallah Institut TELECOM - TELECOM Bretagne  
254 Paula Kaufman on behalf of University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign  
255 Victoria A. Rockwell on behalf of ASME  
256 Mitchell Warren on behalf of AVAC: Global Advocacy for HIV Prevention  
257 Richard O'Grady on behalf of American Institute of Biological Sciences  
258 Elizabeth A. Rogan on behalf of The Optical Society of America  
259 Mark E. Sobel, MD, PhD on behalf of American Society for Investigative Pathology  
260 Lynn Wecker, PhD/James E. Barrett, PhD on behalf of American Society for Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics  
261 Ben Reynolds Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth  
262 Francis Uy    
263 Anthony P. DeCrappeo on behalf of Council on Governmental Relations  
264 Alberto Accomazzi/Michael Kurtz on behalf of Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory  
265 Sandra Aistairs on behalf of Copyright Alliance  
266 Blaise Simqu on behalf of SAGE Publishing  
267 Tom Hopp    
268 Elias Coutavas Rockefeller University  
269 Joerg Rings    
270 Ellen Paul on behalf of Ornithological Council  
271 Mary M. Case on behalf of The University Library at the University of Illinois at Chicago  
272 Eugene G. Arthurs on behalf of SPIE  
273 Joann Boughman on behalf of The American Society of Human Genetics  
274 Lynne Fairobent on behalf of  Smerican Association of Physicists in Medicine  
275 Dr. Paul Weimer on behalf of American Association of Petroleum Geologists  
276 Bernard Schutz Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics  
277 John Ochs on behalf of ACS Publications  
278 Matthew Cockerill on behalf of BioMed Central Ltd.  
279 Rich Jorgenseon School of Plant Sciences, University of Arizona, Tucson  
280 Dr. Audrey McCulloch on behalf of Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers  
281 Stuart M. Shieber Harvard Office for Scholarly Communication  
282 William E. Davis, III, on behalf of American Anthropological Association  
283 Dr. Howard E. Harper, Jr. on behalf of SEPM Society for Sedimentary Geology  
284 Bernard Yu on behalf of Enguin Design, LLC  
285 Joseph Serene on behalf of American Physical Society  
286 Alan I. Leshner on behalf of  AAAS  
287 Jonathan Band/Markham C. Erickson/Edward J. Black on behalf of  NetCoalition/Computer & Communications Industry Association  
288 William Gunn on behalf of Mendeley Limited  
289 Cameron Neylon    
290 Anna Gold on behalf of Kennedy Library, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo  
291 Jorge Contreras American University - Washington College of Law  
292 Peter Givler on behalf of Association of American University Presses  
293 Adam Fagen on behalf of  Genetics Society of America  
294 Allan D. Pierce on behalf of Acoustical Society of America  
295 Mary R. Marlino on behalf of University Corporation for Atmospheric Research  
296 Kevin M. Wilson on behalf of  The American Society for Cell Biology  
297 Heather Joseph/David Carlson on behalf of Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition  
298 Daniel Mietchen, PhD/Dario Taraborelli, PhD on behalf of  RCOM  
299 Matt Cooper on behalf of National Association of Graduate-Professional Students  
300 Amber Langston    
301 Julia Zimmerman on behalf of  Florida State University Libraries  
302 Walter Mirczak    
303 John M. Fitzgerald, J.D. on behalf of Society for Conservation Biology  
304 Heather Joseph on behalf of Alliance for Taxpayer Access  
305 David LeDuc on behalf of Software & Information Industry Association  
306 Johnathan Nurse on behalf of American Association for Dental Research  
307 Benjamin Cobb/Julie M. McClure, Ph.D. on behalf of American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology  
308 Ray English/Laura Ada Emmett on behalf of Coalition of Open Access Policy Institutions  
309 Crispin Taylor on behalf of American Society of Plant Biologists  
310 Adrian Pohl    
311 Katie Sharkey  Kitware Inc.  
312 Alma Swan Bsc PhD MBA on behalf of Enabling Open Scholarship  
313 Matt Cooper on behalf of University of North Texas Graduate Student Council  
314 Wendy Lougee on behalf of University of Minnesota Libraries  
315 Daniel Linzer on behalf of  Northwestern University  
316 Brandon Locke University of Nebraska-Lincoln  
317 James R. O'Dell, MD on behalf of  American College of Rheumatology  
318 Karen Colson on behalf of The Association for Research in Vision and Ophtamology  
319 Debra Murphy on behalf of Arizona State University  
320 Linda DaVolls on behalf of Zoological Society of London  
321 Frederic Haber on behalf of Copyright Clearance Center, Inc.  
322 Clifford Lynch on behalf of Coalition for Networked Information  
323 William M. Cross, J.D., M.S.L.S. on behalf of  North Carolina State University  
324 David R. Whitlock    
325 Girish Tembe    
326 Jean Song Taubman Health Sciences Library, University of Michigan  
327 Rebecca Tyers on behalf of  Chatham University Graduate Student Assembly  
328 Raymond Johnson School of Education, University of Colorado at Boulder  
329 John Parkinson Ph.D. Hospital for Sick Children, University of Toronto  
330 R. Michael Tanner on behalf of Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities  
331 Gretchen Weibert    
332 Igor Carron, Ph.D.    
333 Andrea Quintero University of California Davis  
334 Morteza Gharib on behalf of California Institute of Technology  
335 Susan Vaughn Brooklyn College Library  
336 Brandon Locke on behalf of Graduate Student Association of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln  
337 Victoria Wang on behalf of International Cancer Advocacy Network  
338 Robert K. Nelson/Scott Nesbit on behalf of Digital Scholarship Lab, University of Richmond  
339 Francis P. McManamon on behalf of Digital Antiquity, Arizona State University  
340 C. Jeffrey Belliston     
341 Felice J. Levine, PhD on behalf of American Educational Research Association  
342 Ginger Strader Smithsonian Institution Scholarly Press  
343 Dr. George E Homsy Atair Aerospace, Inc.  
344 Gavin Baker School of Library and Information Studies, Florida State University  
345 David W. Robinson, Ph.D. on behalf of Oregon Health & Science University  
346 John Willinsky/Lauren Maggio Stanford University/Stanford University Medical Center  
347 Al Kurki    
348 Oya Y. Rieger, Ph.D. Digital Scholarship & Preservation Services, Cornell University Library  
349 Bette Anton Fong Optometry & Health Sciences Library, University of California  
350 Ali Sternburg    
351 Robert Tjian on behalf of Howard Hughes Medical Institute  
352 Kathleen Shearer on behalf of International Confederation of Open Access Repositories  
353 Nathan Hall on behalf of University Libraries, Virginia Tech  
354 Jonathan Izant on behalf of Sage Bionetworks  
355 Andrew Asher on behalf of  Library and Information Technology, Bucknell University  
356 Victoria Stodden Department of Statistics, Columbia University  
357 Anthony D. So/Quentin Ruiz-Esparza Program on Global Health and Technology Access, Duke University  
358 Nick Shockey on behalf of  Right to Research Coalition   
359 Michael Carroll/Meredith Jacob American University - Washington College of Law  359a
360 John Vaughn on behalf of  Association of American Research Universities  
361 Jason Snyder Neuroscience and Mental Health Program, Hospital for Sick Children  
362 Marce Abare/Tim Anderson/Colin McCluney/Kristin Huntoon, PhD/Elizabeth Wiley, JD, MPH on behalf of American Medical Student Association  
363 Amanda French    
364 Marilyn S Billings on behalf of  University of Massachusetts Amherst  
365 Diane Scott-Lichter on behalf of  American Association for Cancer Research  
366 Meredith Niles/Colin Murphy on behalf of Graduate Student Association, University of California, Davis  
367 Abigail Goben, MLS    
368 Ted Bakamijan Society of Exploration Geophysicists  
369 Michael Eisen, Ph.D. Department of Molecular and Cell Biology, University of California, Berkeley  
370 Nathaniel Hoffman    
371 Andrew Hospador    
372 Pat Brown Stanford University  
373 Gail Kearns    
374 June C. Wispelwey on behalf of  AIChE  
375 Karen Abramson on behalf of  Wolters Kluwer Health  
376 Katherine McCarter on behalf of Ecological Society of America  
377 Dr. Donald E. McClure American Mathematical Society  
378 James Milne, PhD, on behalf of RSC Publishing