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Painting a New Picture of DC

Kristina Bilonick, this week's "Woman Working to Do Good" shares how she's building a thriving art scene in DC one block at a time.
Kristina Bilonick

Kristina Bilonick. (Photo Courtesy of Hello Giggles)

Washington, DC is particularly famous for its political history and role as the capital of the United States. Ask anyone what they picture when they hear “DC” and the White House, the monuments, and memorials are likely responses. And while some may mention museums like the Museum of National History or the Air and Space Museum, DC is not widely known for its art. That doesn’t mean, however, that our nation’s capital isn’t filled with vibrant art and passionate art enthusiasts. The President himself has been a vocal supporter of art and art education. In one corner of the capital, a woman looking to reinvigorate the city is helping share the President’s vision and emphasizing the artistic side of DC.

This week’s “Women Working to Do Good” details Kristina Bilonick, a DC local working to build a thriving art scene in the capital one block at a time. The author writes

Kristina’s many projects vary, but they all explore what the city could be, without losing what the city has been. Through art she’s helping DC develop, while simultaneously preserving it’s distinct culture. By making the voices of the people who have been there all along visible, she’s drawing people like me out of our own neighborhoods and into new places.

Kristina is working to break traditional stereotypes and infuse rich, new culture into DC. It’s a difficult job, but Kristina’s dedication to art makes her an inspiring young woman.

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 Ronnie Cho is an Associate Director in the White House Office of Public Engagement.