Joining Forces: Issues & Resources


Veterans and their spouses are among the most talented and skilled members of America’s workforce. However, due to the unique challenges they face, transitioning service members, veterans, and their spouses are confronted with obstacles impeding their employment prospects. Learn more »

First Lady Michelle Obama participates in a service project.Wellness

Military service members, veterans, and their families are highly resilient, but the stress of war, multiple deployments, and frequent moves can impact their emotional, physical, and financial wellbeing. Learn more »


Military children on average attend six to nine different school systems. These moves are hard enough without the administrative headaches of transferring records, securing spaces in courses, staying included in extracurricular activities, and completing required testing on time.

Additionally, more than 1 million service members are expected to come home in the next year, many of whom plan to pursue higher education. Veterans bring the same sense of determination and focus to their studies as they did to their service, but they often differ from their classmates in terms of age and life experience. Learn more »