Materials Genome Initiative
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Goals of the Materials Genome Initiative

The MGI aims to double the speed at which we discover, develop and manufacture new materials by:

  • Developing a “materials innovation infrastructure” that includes:
    • Computational tools: software for predictive modeling, simulation, design and exploration
    • Experimental tools: synthesis and processing; quantitative characterization and analytic tools; accelerated testing and rapid prototyping; techniques to validate and advance materials theory
    • Digital data: data and interoperability standards for material properties; advanced data mining, analytic tools and open/proprietary data warehouses
    • Collaborative networks: integrated centers in computation, data informatics and experimentation; sharing of best practices across disparate centers via formal and informal networking; educational materials for the next generation workforce; public/private partnerships
  • Building the materials innovation infrastructure while addressing high priority material problems of national importance
  • Advancing a culture that supports the use of the materials innovation infrastructure and also embraces a more open, collaborative approach to developing advanced materials

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