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“…It's a hope that the system can listen, that somebody is going to hear you; that even when Washington sometimes seems tone deaf to what’s going on in people’s lives and around kitchen tables, that there’s going to be somebody who’s going to stand up for you and your family.”

President Obama, Minneapolis, June 27, 2014

Americans across the country are sharing bits and pieces from their day-to-day lives: How their days look. How their families are doing. What's working — and what's not. Share your story with the White House today, and we'll share some of them on and social media.

“As a single mom, I understood the importance of being there for the boys when they were growing up. Nothing takes the place of seeing their little eyes light up when you enter the classroom for a recital or poetry reading event. Having flexible work hours enables that magic and important family connection to happen.”

small business owner, single mom with two sons

“We provide a positive and mentoring work environment for our employees, which helps with employee retention.”


“We learned the benefits early on of treating guests hospitably. Extending the same respect and empathy to our employees was a logical next step as we grew. Not only is it the right thing to do, it's also good for business.”




Here's Why This Matters


The President reads a letter from Rebekah, a hardworking mom from Minneapolis who wrote to the President about what she sees, what she thinks needs changing, and her struggle to get ahead. The President chose to highlight Rebekah's story because it is representative of the experiences of millions of Americans: While our economy's made a comeback, too many Americans are still stretched too thin and the President knows there's more work to do.

This summer, the President is hitting the road, spending time with Americans around the country who write him letters. He's sitting down to meals with them, walking through the streets of their neighborhoods, and seeing what a day in their life looks like. Every story he hears goes with him back to Washington. The letters he reads at his desk stick with him. And those stories turn into real action.

The President can't physically visit every front porch in America. But there are other ways to get him there. Share the view from yours — how your family is doing, what your community looks like, what's working for you, and what isn't.

Learn more about Rebekah's story.

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