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The Office of Management and Budget ’s 2002 Draft Report to Congress on the Costs and Benefits of Federal Regulations, issued on March 28, 2002, solicited public comments on the Draft Report as well as regulatory reform nominations. These public comments are provided in this document. The comments addressed issues raised in the Draft Report and/or suggested detailed reforms of specific regulations and guidance documents. Below is a listing of the individuals and organizations that submitted comments. OMB used the numbers to identify commenters in the Final Report, which was issued on December 19, 2002.

1. T. Peter Ruane [262k]
American Road & Transportation
Builders Association

2. Jeffrey A. Norris [2,797k]
Equal Employment Advisory

3. Mark A. de Bernardo [113k]
General Counsel
Council for Employment Law

4. Patrick Donoho [216k]
Vice President, Government
Equity Relations
International Bottled Water Association

5. Andrew T. O'Hare, P.G. [920k]
Vice President, Regulatory Affairs
American Portland Cement Alliance

6. Laura Tague [430k]
Director of Regulatory Policy
Petroleum Marketers Association of America

7. Sandra J. Boyd [476k]
Assistant Vice President
Human Resource Policy
National Association of Manufacturers

8. Robert R. Rich, M.D. [800k]
Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology

Jordan J. Cohen, M.D.
Association of American Medical Colleges

9. Mark B. Roberts [138k]
COO & General Counsel
National Association of Computer
Consultant Businesses

10. Valley Employer Association [72k]

11. Bill Hammond [100k]
Texas Association of Business

12. Joe J. Mayhem [592k]
Vice President, Regulatory &
Technical Affairs
American Chemistry Council

13. Tim Hammonds [705k]
President and CEO
Food Marketing Institute

14. Glen P. Kedzie [156k]
Assistant General Counsel &
Environmental Counsel
American Trucking Association, Inc.

15. Leslie Sue Ritts [2,418k]
Counsel to National Environmental
Development Association/Clean Air Regulatory Project

16. John Arnett [764k]
Government Affairs Counsel
Copper and Brass Fabricators Council, Inc.

17. Neil A. Mac Vicar [201k]
Senior Director
Unemployment Compensation Program
Michigan Health & Hospital Association Service Corporation

18. Robert J. Schreiber, Jr. P.E. [463k]
Region 7 BIF Work Group
Schreiber & Yonley Associates

19. Jeff Gunnulfsen [229k]
Manager, Government Relations
Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturers Association

20. Andrew Bopp [241k]
Executive Director
Society of Glass and Ceramic Decorators

21. Frank A. White [399k]
Vice President
Organization Resources Counselors, Inc.

22. Howard J. Feldman [334k]
Regulatory Analysis and Scientific Affairs
American Petroleum Institute

23. S. Lawrence Kocot [1,592k]
Senior Vice President and General Counsel
National Association of Chain Drug Stores

24. Richard W. Newpher [267k]
Executive Director
Washington Office
American Farm Bureau Federation

25. Deanna R. Gelak, SPHR [1,950k]
Executive Director
FMLA Technical Corrections Coalition

26. Deron Zeppelin, PHR [141k]
Director, Governmental Affairs
Society for Human Resource Management

27. Cory Siansky [163k]
Director, Administration and Public Affairs
LPA, Inc.

28. Michel R. Benoit [936k]
Executive Director
Cement Kiln Recycling Coalition

29. Wendy Lechner [174k]
Senior Director
Federal Employment Policy
Printing Industries of America, Inc.

30. Dan Danner [124k]
Senior Vice-President
Federal Public Policy
National Federation of Independent Business

31. David Kushner, CMP, CAE [370k]
President and CEO
Community Hospital Medical Education Alliance

32. William L. Kovacs [580k]
Vice President
Environment, Technology & Regulatory Affairs
U.S. Chamber of Commerce

33. Harold P. Coxson [688k]
Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C.

34. Darrel J. Grinstead [259k]
American Ambulance Association

35. Barry Epperson [58k]
Associated Wire Rope Fabricators

36. Lynn L. Bergeson, Esquire [150k]
Eileen Salathe Gernhard, Esquire
Rodenticide Registrants Task Force
Bergeson & Campbell, P.C.

37. Thomas W. Curtis [1,304k]
Deputy Executive Director
American Water Works Association

38. W. Fred McGuire [224k]
Utility Solid Waste Activities Group

39. James E. Zini, D.O. [3,464k]
AOA President
American Osteopathic Association

40. Steven Wojcik [85k]
Director, Public Policy
Washington Business Group on Health

41. Jason M. Lynn [80k]
Senior Director, Government Affairs

42. Sandy J. Boyd [86k]
Assistant Vice President
Human Resource Policy
National Association of Manufacturers

43. Fern Abrams [291k]
Director of Environmental Policy
IPC - The Association Connecting Electronic Industries

44. Mike Keegan [79k]
National Rural Water Association

45. Joan Claybrook [33k]
Public Citizen

46. Lynn Shotwell [95k]
Legal Counsel and Director of Government Relations
American Council on International Personnel

47. Mark D. Dopp [224k]
Senior Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and General Counsel
American Meat Institute

48. Gerald M. Howard [1,900k]
Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer
National Association of Home Builders

49. Alan H. Maurer, MD [118k]
Society of Nuclear Medicine

50. Rick Pollack [341k]
Executive Vice President
American Hospital Association

51. Fred R. Becker, Jr. [114k]
National Association of Federal Credit Unions

52. Mary Mitchell Dunn [67k]
Association General Counsel
Credit Union National Association

53. John H. Bennett [40k]
Vice President
Regulatory Matters
California Portland Cement Company

54. Tom Davis [134k]
President, Inpatient Services
RehabCare Group, Inc.

55. Mary McCabe [36k]
Wegmans Food Markets, Inc.

56. James F. Boland [178k]
Member of SRA
Retired Delegate to WHC on Small Business 1995
Member of SCORE

57. William R. Howell [95k]
Chief Executive Officer
Howell Instruments

58. John S. Rogers [1,220k]
Chairman & CEO
World City America Inc.

59. Nancy L. Asbill [786k]
Senior Attorney
Chesapeake Energy
CNF, Inc.

60. David Sweet [715k]

61. Roger Morris [636k]
Vice President of Human Resources
Gill Studios, Inc.

62. Jim Draxler [628k]
Director, Airplane Certification and Regulatory Affairs
Boeing Commercial Airplanes

63. Ed Lutz [252k]
Vice President
Workforce Relations & Diversity
Xcel Energy

64. Jay Teitelbaum [61k]
Adolph's Coffee Service, Inc.
Vending Service, Inc.

65. Brent Bedford [1,007k]

66. Les Kroeger [322k]
Coors of Longview, Inc.

67. Hazel M. Willacy [95k]
Corporate Director of Employment
Policies and Labor Relations
The Sherwin-Williams Company

68. Henry I. Miller, MD [965k]
The Hoover Institution

69. Professor Ragnar E. Lofstedt [64k]
Director, King's Centre for Risk Management
School of Social Science and Public Policy

70. Tom McGarity [427k]
Center for Progressive Regulation,
W. James Kronzer Chair in Law University of Texas Law School

71. Joshua T. Cohen, Ph.D. [4,958k]
Senior Research Associate

John S. Evans, S.D.
Senior Lecturer on Environmental Health

James K. Hammitt, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Economics and Decision Sciences

Karen M. Kuntz, Sc.D.
Associate Professor of Health Decision Science

Peter Neumann, Sc.D.
Assistant Professor of Policy and Decision Sciences

Milton C. Weinstein, Ph.D.
Henry J. Kaiser Professor of Health Policy and Management
Harvard School of Public Health

72. Ruth Ruttenberg [1,604k]
Ruth Ruttenberg and Associates, Inc.

73. Susan E. Dudley [594k]
Senior Research Fellow
George Mason University

74. Virginia Ashby Sharpe, Ph.D. [122k]
Director, Integrity in Science

Frank Clemente
Director, Public Citizen's Congress Watch

Rick Blum
Senior Researcher, Integrity in Science
Center for Science in the Public Interest

75. Margo G. Wootan, D.Sc. [34k]
Director, Nutrition Policy
Center for Science in the Public Health

76. Benjamin Cohen [9,702k]
Senior Staff Attorney
Center for Science in the Public Interest

77. Reece Rushing [291k]
Policy Analyst
OMB Watch

78. James Gattuso [171k]
Research Fellow in Regulatory Policy
The Heritage Foundation

79. Richard B. Belzer, Ph.D. [489k]
Regulatory Checkbook

80. Wesley P. Warren [1,320k]
Senior Fellow for Environmental Economics
Natural Resources Defense Council

81. Karen L. Egbert [57k]
Senior Attorney
Food Safety Project

Caroline Smith DeWaal
Director, Food Safety Program

82. V. Kerry Smith [89k]
University Distinguished Professor
NC State University

83. Jim J. Tozzi [730k]
Member, Board of Advisors
Center for Regulatory Effectiveness

84. Michael R. Taylor [842k]
Resources for the Future

85. Robert W. Hahn [403k]
AEI-Brookings Joint Center

86. Phyllis Stadler [97k]
Director of Human Resources
City of Richardson, Texas

87. Roberta Hudgins Turner [57k]
HR Consultant
Commonwealth of Virginia

88. John C. Horsley [6,424k]
Executive Director
American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials

89. Susan Combs [186k]
Texas Department of Agriculture

90. Jim Thiel [357k]
General Counsel
Wisconsin DOT

91. Rosemary Mucklow [72k]
Executive Director
National Meat Association

92. John Herzog [75k]
Air Conditioning Contractors of America

93. Wendy R. Keegan [1,086k]
Regulatory Affairs Fellow
Public Citizen Congress Watch

94. Chris Spear [74k]
U.S. Department of Labor

95. Trip Rothschild [49k]
Assistant General Counsel for Legal Counsel, Legislation and Special Projects
Nuclear Regulatory Commission

96. James Tate, Jr., Ph.D. [99k]
Science Advisory to the Secretary
U.S. Department of the Interior

97. Thomas M. Sullivan [213k]
Chief Counsel for Advocacy
Shawne Carter McGibbon
Director of Interagency Affairs
SBA Office of Advocacy

98. Susan H. Steiman [714k]
Associate General Counsel
Federal Communications Commission

99. Thomas J. Gibson [1,047k]
Associate Administrator
United States Environmental Protection Agency

100. John S. Applegate [152k]
Walter W. Foskett Professor of Law
Indiana University School of Law

Wendy Wagner
Joe A. Worsham Centennial Professor
University of Texas School of Law

101. John J. Cohrssen [143k]
Executive Director
Public Health Policy
Advisory Board

102. Daniel V. Yager [284k]
Vice President and General Counsel
LPA, Inc.

103. Michael Altschul [532k]
Senior Vice President and General Counsel
Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association

104. Wendy E. Wagner [182k]
Joe A. Worsham Centennial Professor

105. Richard Morgenstern [70k]

106. Scott Jacobs [160k]
Managing Director
Jacobs and Associates

107. Doug Ose [53k]
Subcommittee on Energy Policy, Natural Resources and Regulatory Affairs

108. Doug Ose [203k]
Subcommittee on Energy Policy, Natural Resources and Regulatory Affairs

109. AJ Parsons [42k]
President & Owner

110. Terry L. Daugherty [31k]
Antique Rose Flowers and Gifts

111. Bernard Gray [30k]

112. Betty R. Jackson, C.P.A., Ph.D. [43k]

113. Bill Hutchings [34k]
Garden City, KS

114. Bob Thomas [52k]
Cartridge Discounters

115. Cathy Craig [28k]
San Clemente, CA

116. Ronald Maylath [27k]
Garden City, SC

117. Cheryl Ann Dunlap
US Marketing and Customer Relations Director
ForeFront Technologies, LLC

118. Dan Jaoudi [27k]
J & B Manufacturing Corp

119. Daran Rehmeyer, PE, CDT [38k]
GeoSpec, LLC
Baton Rouge, LA

120. David Zimmerman [36k]
Atlantic Sunroom Manufacturing

121. Doria Kutrubes, M.Sc. Geophysical Engineering [52k]
Radar Solutions International

122. Doris Thomas [60k]
Vice President
Technology Interchange Resources

123. Edward L. and Carol J. Wimberly [92k]
Lake Roosevelt Vacation, Inc.

124. W.E.(Em) Fluhr, Ph.D., P.E. [41k]
Chief Executive Officer
2-10 Home Buyers Warranty

125. Leslie Lange [61k]
The Fluttering B Butterfly Ranch

126. Frank Stott [32k]
Certified Professional Geologist

127. Gary Scott [29k]

128. Gary L. Humphrey [49k]
GMH Industries, LLC

129. Larry S. Duran, MPA [42k]
DURA-N- Company Enterprises, Inc.,
d.b.a. IBC

130. Jack Irwin DDS [24k]
Brooklyn, NY

131. James F. Boland [38k]
Idaho Falls, ID

132. James F. Boland [35k]
Idaho Falls, ID

133. Jill Tanenbaum [46k]
President and Creative Director

Jill Tanenbaum
Graphic Design & Advertising Inc.

134. Jennifer Garcia, Ph.D. [25k]

135. Jim Jorgensen [22k]

136. Mr. & Mrs. Ken Belknap [33k]

137. Kelly E. Goddard [39k]
Goddard Concrete Co. Inc.
Sand Division

138. Kenneth R. Maser, Ph.D, P.E. [27k]

139. Kenneth F. Webster [28k]
Crestview, FL

140. Malcolm Burchfiel [29k]

141. Mark D. Gibson [36k]
General Manager
Timberland Logging

142. Robert Marling [36k]
Green Oaks, IL

143. Mike Schnezler [41k]
Presidential Mortgage Corporation
South Carolina Mortgage Broker's Association

144. Michael Ford [45k]

145. Katharina Phillips [61k]
Council on Governmental Relations

146. Katharina Phillips [56k]
Council on Governmental Relations

147. Neil A. Mac Vicar [86k]
Senior Director Unemployment Compensation Program
Michigan Health and Hospital Association Service Corporation

148. John S. Hurley MS RD [50k]
Gila River Indian Community
Sacaton, AZ

149. George E. Parris, Ph.D. [185k]

150. Mark B. Roberts [62k]
COO and General Counsel
National Association of Computer Consultant Businesses

151. Kathy Rebola [35k]

152. Patricia Freeman [43k]
Palatka, FL

153. Jaffus Hardrick [45k]
Waco, TX

154. IPMA [80k]
Alexandria VA

155. Eric Oxfeld [85k]
UWC Strategy
Washington, DC

156. Everall A. Peele, MPH, RHIA [35k]
Gainesville, FL

157. C. R. Dunbar [32k]
Denham Springs, LA

158. C. R. Dunbar [39k]
Denham Springs, LA

159. Mike Collins [71k]
Sarasota, FL

160. Matt Flanagan [38k]
Pomona, CA

161. Matt Flanagan [36k]
Pomona, CA

162. Laurie Gronlund [44k]

163. Laurie Gronlund [81k]

164. Brad D. Dudley [49k]
Rapid City, SD

165. Samantha Curto [46k]

166. Angela Townley [55k]
Omaha, NE

167. High Mountain Heli-Skiing, Inc. [76k]
Teton Village WY

168. Nicole Gartzke [36k]

169. Mary Curtin [35k]

170. Bob G. Shupe [35k]
Brentwood, TN

171. Denise Ashby [42k]

172. Renee Pearison [38k]
Crozet, VA

173. Harold T. Fujita [61k]
Department of Recreation and Parks
Los Angeles, CA

174. Mark G. Kick [40k]
Westford, MA

175. Paul K. Savage [38k]

176. Tibor Hegedus [48k]
Quantum Energy Solutions

177. Dennis L. Costello, MD [30k]

178. Jerry W. Plant, CFA, CPA [29k]
Oklahoma City, OK

179. Michael H. Levin [70k]

180. Ralph H. Smith [58k]
High Plains Engineering

181. Marjorie A. O'Connell [76k]
O'Connell & Associates

182. Lynn Martin [43k]

183. Heather M. Stewart [133k]
Legislative Counsel
American Council on International Personnel

184. Cynthia Hilton [260k]
Executive Vice President
Institute of Makers of Explosives

185. Daniel J. Popeo [90k]
Chairman and General Counsel

Paul D. Kamenar
Senior Executive Counsel
Washington Legal Foundation

186. Angela Logomasini [984k]
Director of Risk and Environmental Policy
Competitive Enterprise Institute

187. Patrick Bennett [37k]
Director of Environmental Affairs
Indiana Manufacturers Association

188. Larry Alexander [36k]
Director of Environmental and Quality Control
Alamo Cement Company

189. Earl Bouse [30k]
Vice President, Manufacturing
Hanson Permanente Cement

190. Roxanne L. Scott [111k]
Associate Director
Federal Relations
SBC Communications

191. George Parris, Ph.D [42k]
Gaithersburg, MD

192. Hal Hawk [31k]
Crown Battery

193. Patrick Bennett [28k]

194. Jennifer Young [51k]
Director of Environmental Affairs
Indiana Manufacturers Association

195. D. Randall Jones [45k]
Vice President
Corporate Communications and Government Affairs
TXI Operations

196. Ajay Kumar [33k]
Manager, Env. Affairs

197. Lee Deierling [43k]
Managing GP
Vilelli Enterprises

198. Paul Sarbanes [104k]
United States Senator

199. Ed Pastor [82k]
U.S. House of Representatives

200. Ann Gosier [84k]
Vice President, Government Affairs
Guidant Corporation

201. J. E. Bauknight IV [108k]
Vice President
Shred First

202. Charles O. Howarth [46k]
Senior Vice President
CAHHS Unemployment Insurance Division

203. Henry J. Hood [226k]
Chesapeake Energy Corporation