Office of National Drug Control Policy

Interdiction Committee

The Interdiction Committee (TIC) supports the President's National Drug Control Strategy (NDCS). It develops, in coordination with the U.S. Interdiction Coordinator, interagency recommendations for integrating detection, monitoring, and law enforcement with interdiction efforts to more effectively disrupt illicit drug trafficking systems. TIC principals meet to discuss and resolve issues related to the coordination, oversight, and integration of international, border, and domestic drug interdiction efforts in support of the NDCS. TIC provides advice to ONDCP on activities and threats posed by all drug trafficking activities that threaten the United States and the Western Hemisphere. TIC also advises on the operational adequacy, integration, and utilization of interdiction assets, as well as other matters that may bear on the accomplishment of operational interdiction objectives. Day-to-day TIC efforts are managed by an Executive Directorate, which is comprised of national security professionals detailed from the interagency.

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