Office of National Drug Control Policy

Supplemental Strategies

The Northern Border Strategy

The Northern Border Strategy provides an overview of current counternarcotics efforts and identifies strategic objectives to substantially reduce the harmful impact on communities from the use and flow of illicit drugs and drug proceeds along the Northern border. Learn more about the strategy.

The Caribbean Strategy

The Caribbean Border Counternarcotics Strategy articulates the Administration’s plans to substantially reduce the flow of illicit drugs and drug proceeds into and out of the Caribbean border with a focus on reducing drug related violence. Learn more about the strategy.

The Southwest Border Strategy

Illicit drug activities along the United States southwest border—the transport, transshipment and distribution of illegal drugs; the flow of proceeds from the sale of illegal drugs in the form of bulk cash or other methods; and the movement of firearms to criminal organizations engaged in the illegal drug trade—continue to pose a serious threat to national security and to the safety and well-being of our Nation’s citizens. The National Southwest Border Counternarcotics Strategy was developed to address those threats. Learn more about the strategy.