Office of National Drug Control Policy


Cocaine use and its consequences continue to have a significant harmful effect on the security and well-being of our citizens.  Cocaine is a highly addictive stimulant drug made from the coca plant grown in the Andean Ridge of South America.  Both U.S. government and United Nations estimates suggest coca cultivation and cocaine production have been rising since 2014, threatening the reversal of hard-fought gains against cocaine use in the United States. 

ONDCP and our federal, state, and local partners are working to build a balanced approach to reduce cocaine availability and treat cocaine use disorder.  In the Andean Ridge, we are working with our foreign partners to reduce the production of illicit drugs by expanding governance into marginalized areas to increase access to government services, protection from crime and violence, and a lawful way to earn a living.  Likewise, U.S. interdiction agencies seized a record amount of cocaine in fiscal year 2016 and are working directly with their investigative partners to dismantle the criminal organizations smuggling cocaine into the United States. Finally, ONDCP and our Federal and community-based partners are working to encourage the adoption of quality, evidence-based prevention programs and services to treat cocaine use disorders

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