Public participation in government isn’t just a cornerstone of democracy -- it’s how the U.S. government ensures that policies and practices reflect the ideas and expertise of the American people. 

As President Obama noted on his first full day in office, government is more effective when it gathers input from the public as it makes decisions. By harnessing input and expertise from a wide array of voices, we can continue to strengthen government. Here are a few ways the public can participate in ongoing conversations surrounding open government:

Open Government Working Group: Following the Administration’s 2009 Open Government Directive, agencies began monthly working sessions to discuss open government practices. These working government meetings are now open to the public on a quarterly basis to listen in on agency open government efforts and participate in discussions about featured topics. Find out more about the Working Group here.

Open Government Discussion Group: To improve participation in government, the Administration launched a discussion group to facilitate discussions and engage a broader range of participants across the country. We hope you will join the conversation here!

We the People: Launched in 2012, this site allows citizens to engage government on issues that matter to them. Add your voice to government by creating and signing petitions and viewing responses.


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