Champions of Change: Theme of Service Nomination

President Obama has challenged us all to help win the future by out-educating, out-innovating, and out-building our competitors in the 21st century.

Each week, we choose a theme and honor 5-20 Champions of Change from all across the country who are affecting change surrounding the selected issue. Past themes of service have included HIV/AIDS, rural innovation, immigration, parents and education, fatherhood, and many more.

Examples of previous champions include:

  • Susan Burkinshaw, who helped create an Anti-Bullying Task Force, which includes participants from the State’s Attorney’s office, PTA leaders, parents, staff and students.
  • Harlon Pearce, an advocate who has worked to coordinate between the fishing industry and marine/environmental experts to ensure that seafood brought to shore continues to be safe.
  • Grace Cortese, a 10-year-old who has worked to green her school, belongs to “Teenie Greenies”, and donates a portion of her allowance to non-profits like NRDC.

Thought of a particular theme we haven’t featured yet? Fill out the form below and we’ll consider your suggestion as we continue to highlight areas where everyday Americans are helping to win the future.

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