Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO)

The Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO) is authorized by Public Law 106-58 and the CFO Act to oversee the financial management activities for all EOP components.  Areas of responsibility include:

  • Overseeing budget formulation, submission and execution;
  • Providing a complete spectrum of procurement services to ensure products and services are contracted for on a timely basis and at the best value;
  • Offering a full range of travel services;
  • Providing timely, accurate, and complete official accounting records, including services such as bill processing and financial statement preparation, thus ensuring the maintenance of financial data integrity;
  • Formulating, documenting and executing EOP-wide financial policies, guidance and procedures and overseeing compliance with these policies;
  • Maintaining and supporting financial systems including the Oracle suite of systems and GovTrip; and
  • Conducting financial management-related special projects. 

The OCFO is composed of the following seven divisions: Accounting; Budget, Financial Systems; Procurement and Contract Management; Planning, Policy, Financial Reporting, and Management Controls; Special Projects; and Travel and Events Services.