Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO)

The Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) provides unclassified technology services to all components of the Executive Office of the President (EOP):

  • Oversight of the OA Service Desk and IT Asset Management functions;
  • Protect and defend the EOP network against information security threats and risks;
  • Ensure the development, maintenance, and oversight of a technology infrastructure that meets the needs of EOP components;
  • Management, oversight, and standards for OCIO project management;
  • Assist the component Records Officers with managing the transfer and retrieval of Federal component paper records from offsite storage;
  • Responsible for the capture and storage of Presidential and Federal electronic records and their transfer to the National Archives and Records Administration;
  • Maintain the telecommunications infrastructure; and
  • Manage the infrastructure supporting the EOP Internet and Intranet sites and technologies; 

The OCIO is comprised of: the Office of the Deputy CIO which includes the Project Management Office, Quality Assurance, and Funds; Customer Support; Information Risk Management; Operations & Engineering; and New Media Technologies.