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Notes of Hope

Laura Murphy, a philanthropist and naturopath, shares how she's used music to fund disaster relief and change lives for the better.
Laura Murphy

Laura Murphy. (Photo Courtesy of HelloGiggles)

The White House has always stressed the importance of art and music in American society. Without music, we wouldn’t have our national anthem, military hymns, or the President’s slow jam and blues performances this spring. Music allows citizens to express themselves in a medium seemingly free of limitations and connects people together from all walks of life. In times of strife, music can even act as a philanthropic tool for good. Through the work of her organization, one woman has used music to bring inspiration, hope, and joy across the United States.

This week’s “Women Working to Do Good” highlights Laura Murphy, a philanthropist and naturopath using music to reward youth for hard work, fund disaster relief, and educate people about good health. The author writes,

Whether it’s asking a generation how does it feel to be on your own or to imagine all the people sharing all the world music has always been a powerful voice speaking to young people. Much of the power of music lies in its ability to make a person feel they are no longer alone. Laura’s work allows young Americans to believe that not only are they not alone, but that they are part of a greater good.

Laura’s two passions of music and health have helped her fuel an incredible project. It just goes to show that no matter the issue, stepping up and following your heart is all it takes to do good. 

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 Ronnie Cho is an Associate Director in the White House Office of Public Engagement.