Office of National Drug Control Policy

Research and Data

The Obama Administration’s approach to drug control policy is based on science and research.  Serving as a centralized point for data analysis, ONDCP works across the Federal Government and with the scientific community to research trends, analyze data sets, and compile a comprehensive view of both domestic and international drug issue.  Based on this research, ONDCP develops drug control policies and the National Drug Control Strategy, which serves as the framework for the Government’s efforts to reduce drug use and its consequences and foster healthy individuals and safe communities.

Federal Data Sources

 Data Set Name Acronym Subject Frequency
(Years Available)
Release Date 

 National Survey on Drug
 Use and Health

NSDUH Household population ages 12 and older Annual
(2002 - 2010)
 Monitoring the Future  MTF  8th, 10th, and 12th graders  Annual
(1991 - 2010)
 Youth Risk Behavior Survey YRBS 9th through 12th graders Biennial
(1991 - 2009)
(even years)
 Treatment Episode Data Set  TEDS  Treatment admissions  Annual
 Drug Abuse Warning Network  DAWN  Drug-related visits to emergency departments  Annual
(2004 - 2009)

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