Title IV. Prevention of Chronic Disease and Improving Public Health

If we want to truly reform health care to benefit American families, we need to transition from a system focused primarily on treating the sick to one that helps keep people well throughout their lives.

The Act will promote prevention, wellness, and the public health and provides an unprecedented funding commitment to these areas.  It directs the creation of a national prevention and health promotion strategy that incorporates the most effective and achievable methods to improve the health status of Americans and reduce the incidence of preventable illness and disability in the United States.

The Act relies on the innovation of small businesses and state and local governments to find the best ways to improve wellness in the workplace and in our communities.  And it strengthens America’s capacity to respond to public health emergencies.

The Act empowers families by giving them tools to find the best science-based nutrition information, and it makes prevention and screenings a priority by waiving co-payments for America’s seniors on Medicare.

By attacking disease before it hits, the Act helps to improve health, save lives, and avoid more costly complications down the road.

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