Budget Appendix of the U.S. Government in XML at the Office of Management and Budget



This page provides the chapters of the Budget Appendix in HTML and XML formats.

XML, or Extensible Markup Language, is the machine readable format used to create and publish the Budget Appendix. These files, along with the Document Type Definition (DTD) that describes the structure of the document, are provided in the link below in order to allow researchers to directly access the Budget content.

To download the Budget Appendix  DTD click here (11 KB)

To download the Budget Appendix HTML and CSS files, click here (2 MB)

Detailed Budget Estimates by Agency



Explanation of Estimates HTML 106 K XML 78 K
General Provisions Government-Wide HTML 96 K XML 113 K
Legislative Branch HTML 1004 K XML 618 K
Judicial Branch HTML 421 K XML 229 K
Department of Agriculture HTML 4674 K XML 2563 K
Department of Commerce HTML 1275 K XML 713 K
Department of Defense-Military HTML 3721 K XML 2007 K
Overseas Contingency Operations HTML 735 K XML 450 K
Department of Education HTML 1971 K XML 1059 K
Department of Energy HTML 1506 K XML 860 K
Department of Health and Human Services HTML 1996 K XML 1087 K
Department of Homeland Security HTML 2148 K XML 1225 K
Department of Housing and Urban Development HTML 2003 K XML 1137 K
Department of the Interior HTML 3155 K XML 1735 K
Department of Justice HTML 1514 K XML 872 K
Department of Labor HTML 1191 K XML 689 K
Department of State and Other International Programs HTML 2864 K XML 1729 K
Department of Transportation HTML 2698 K XML 1519 K
Department of the Treasury HTML 1989 K XML 1114 K
Department of Veterans Affairs HTML 1312 K XML 688 K
Corps of Engineers—Civil Works HTML 578 K XML 314 K
Other Defense—Civil Programs HTML 312 K XML 169 K
Environmental Protection Agency HTML 484 K XML 275 K
Executive Office of the President HTML 370 K XML 214 K
General Services Administration HTML 483 K XML 266 K
National Aeronautics and Space Administration HTML 333 K XML 183 K
National Science Foundation HTML 178 K XML 98 K
Office of Personnel Management HTML 308 K XML 166 K
Small Business Administration HTML 436 K XML 225 K
Social Security Administration HTML 409 K XML 215 K
Other Independent Agencies HTML 4136 K XML 2346 K

Other Materials


Supplemental Proposals HTML 784 K XML 459 K
Amendments to and Revisions in Budget Authority for 2010 HTML 7 K XML 5 K
Advance Appropriations HTML 24 K XML 14 K
Financing Vehicles and the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve HTML 44 K XML 27 K
Government-Sponsored Enterprises HTML 150 K XML 89 K