Title VI. Transparency and Program Integrity

Enhancing Choices with Full Disclosure of Physician Financial Interests

To give patients greater choices, doctors with financial interests in imaging services, like MRI services, must inform the patients in writing that they can obtain the recommended imaging service from a person other than the referring physician, and provide a contact list.

To prevent conflicts of interests and insure full transparency and information for patients, the Act requires all drug companies, device, and medical supply manufacturers to fully disclose and report any gifts they make or financial arrangements they have with doctors, a physician practice or group.

All pharmacy benefit managers (PBM) that manage the prescription drug portion of health plans under Medicare or the Exchange must report information regarding any rebates, discounts, or price concessions they negotiate for prescription drugs.  They’ll also have to report often they use generic drugs rather than more expensive brand name drugs, to ensure more accurate payments for their services and keep health care costs down.

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